Robert although I agree with your statement, it unfortunately doesn't apply to a large portion of the population that might not have any of the priveleges you stated. It's a mistake to assume the majority of people come from stable financial backgrounds that allow them the option to volunteer or travel.

It's dangerous and possibly inconsiderate not to acknowledge the financial hardship a large portion of America goes through.

Sure this is great for the side of younger generations that grow up with such privileges but how will this bode for everyone else? There may be more wealth per capita then ever but more importantly an absurd amount of that wealth is held by a few individuals rather than split equally. As this becomes more of a topic of the growing wealth gap within America itself and not solely generational wealth gap, I'll stop here.

For me personally, I have a lot of empathy for your response. I am eternally grateful for everything I've been able to experience in this life and in the future. Thanks for the response!



Personal Finance Enthusiast / Post-grad Life / Just your typical boy in the Midwest

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